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Equipment and trainings for Zaječar School for economics and trade

By 29.11.2021.December 28th, 2021No Comments

In October, the tender for procurement of equipment for the school kitchen in the Zaječar School for economics and trade was completed. The purchased equipment will be used for practical classes of students of Zaječar school as well as for future informal trainings for the unemployed youth. The equipment was delivered to the school at the end of November and will be installed after the school completes the works on the adaptation of the space, latest by February 2022.

The educational group WinsedSwiss, which has been engaged to support the school, conducted an analysis of the professional capacities of school staff, as well as an analysis of the tourism and hospitality sector in Eastern Serbia. Based on the analysis, a plan of the first cycle of trainings was made and 3 trainings have already been realized in the period from October 28 to November 26. The following topics were addressed at the trainings: Introduction to the tourism and hospitality industry; Preparation of theoretical classes – classroom lecture; Preparation of practical activities – synchronization of theory and practice. In addition to 9 teachers from the Zajecar school who teach in profiles in hospitality and tourism sector, the training was also attended by 7 teachers from schools in the area that have these profiles (Boljevac, Bor, Sokobanja and Knjaževac). In addition to work in the premises of the Zajecar school, the participants had the opportunity to visit the hotel “Sun” in Sokobanja and the hotel “Ramonda” in Rtnj, which allowed them, as they said, to gain a good insight into current trends, demand and work processes in tourism and hospitality which they often lack.