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In the M Hotel in Belgrade, in the period from 5th to 6th of July, a final workshop was held with the schools that participated in the trainings that were implemented as part of the project activities aimed at improving the management capacities of schools. These activities were implemented during the two years of the project with the professional support of the German consulting group Integration.

The trainings were attended by about 50 participants, and their aim was to empower the headmasters, their associates and members of the school teams participating in the DECIDE project to optimally respond to their tasks in accordance with the new vision of the school as a regional competence center.

During the final workshop, the results in the development of the school as a regional competence center, which were achieved with the support of this consulting group, were presented. The presentation of the results was also attended by representatives of the institutions of the Ministry of Education, the Office for Dual Education and the National Qualifications Framework and the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia.

With the support of consultants, the school teams presented the results obtained from these trainings, innovations that were not part of regular school activities, the new mission and vision, as well as the perspective of the future development of the school as a place for lifelong learning.