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Interactive whiteboards in teaching

By 06.12.2021.December 28th, 2021No Comments

In the period from November 20 to December 5, a one-day training was held for the use of interactive whiteboards in teaching. The training was held at the Technical School “Ivan Sarić” in Subotica, Technical School Obrenovac, Technical School Vlasotince and School of Economics and Trade in Zajecar. The training was conducted by the Center for Development and Application of Science, Technology and Informatics from Novi Sad, and a total of 95 teachers from the mentioned schools participated.

One part of the training was realized in the form of a combined presentation and discussion where participants were able to find out what types of smart boards exist, what are the conditions necessary for their use and what are the pedagogical implications of their application in teaching. During individual work which was realized in the digital classroom participants could practice how to use the basic and advanced functions of the flipchart software for the digital board that is used in making presentations, tasks and games.

The teachers were very satisfied with the realized training. They rated the overall quality of the training with a score of 5.58, and the relevance and general benefit of the training for their further work with a score of 5.40 (the maximum score on the evaluation is 6.00).