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Within the DECIDE project, equipment was provided for five secondary vocational schools, in order to improve the conditions for the implementation of theoretical and practical classes, as well as non-formal trainings for the unemployed.

The schools participating in the project were awarded the equipment based on a list of priorities made by the schools themselves in accordance with their needs and educational offer.

By equipping classrooms and school workshops, preconditions are made for classes and trainings to be realized in an optimal way, with the use of modern tools, devices and machines. The schools participating in the DECIDE project educate students in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and textile, and in accordance with that, CNC machines, welding equipment, mechatronics sets, electrical and IT equipment were procured. The total value of the equipment per school is 50,000 euros, and it was delivered to the project schools in the period from August to November 2020.

According to project team leader at GIZ, Ivan Stojanovic, one of the goals is to equip schools with modern tools and machines to create preconditions for acquiring qualifications in accordance with the needs of the labor market, but also with the needs of potential beneficiaries, young people aged 15 to 35 years.