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“Girls’ Day”, an event of an international character dedicated to overcoming gender-specific stereotypes in the sphere of work and occupation, was realized for the 10th time in Serbia. The event aims to empower girls to be guided by personal interests and talents when choosing their professions, and not by stereotypical division into “male” and “female” occupations. The virtual host of this year’s “Girls’ Day” was HTEC Group, a technology company engaged in hardware and software development, and the organizer was the German Development Cooperation through the DECIDE project, in cooperation with the Association of Business Women of Serbia. Due to the state of emergency, the event was held online.

About 60 female secondary school students had the opportunity to meet young, successful women who can be a role model and inspiration in achieving their personal and professional goals. The idea of ​​this type of career informing is to provide additional support to students, and to bring them closer to different opportunities in life and career.

The program, in which girls visit companies, institutions or secondary schools in order to get directly acquainted with occupations in which women are traditionally less represented, has moved to the Internet for the first time. In the online exchange of experiences and knowledge, six young women, engineers, designers, programmers, managers, recruiters employed at HTEC, shared their career and personal stories with the students, and were ready to answer the students’ questions.

As in previous years, the Association of Businesswomen of Serbia is GIZ’s partner in this important endeavor to empower girls. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the “Girls’ Day” in Serbia, Association organized a whole series of activities for which it received great institutional support.