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On 27th of April this year. the Girls’ Day was celebrated. This international event reminds us to make career decisions based on personal skills and interests, instead of traditional division into “female” and “male” occupations.

The project “Dialogue on Employment Creation, Initiative and Dual Education” continued to support selected secondary vocational schools to organize real encountersof female students with successful women in male-dominated jobs, who can be role models and inspiration in achieving personal and professional goals. Around 80 girls from secondary vocational schools and almost 200 girls from elementary schools participated in the manifestation this year.

Girls from Technical School “Ivan Sarić” in Subotica and Zaječar Economics and Trade School had the opportunity to get famililar with experiences of women who built careers in different areas such as IT sector, automotive sector, mountain rescue service and entrepreneurship. Female students of Obrenovac Technical School, Kragujevac Secondary Vocational School and Vlasotince Technical School, accompanied by teachers. visited surrounding elementary schools, shared their own education experiences and presented to younger peers occupations for which they are preparing.

The project also organized an online session with company HTEC Group that offers consulting, software engineering and digital product development services. The session gave the opportunity to girls from schools to exchange and discuss on various career paths with women on different positions in the company – talent attraction and recruitment lead, accounts payable lead, director of project management, product designer, data science expert and quality assurance automation engineer.