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Within the project “Dialogue on Employment Creation, Initiative and Dual Education” it is provided support to schools involved in the project to develop and implement the concept and methodology for recognition of prior learning.

With support of domestic and international experts in this area, school teams are formed and there were implemented trainings that aimed at understanding of purpose and goals of realization of recognition of prior learning, elaboration of programme, instruments and other documentation needed for applying for accreditation. Besides the trainings, there were realized field visits to schools within which are also held meetings with social partners with whom were discussed questions and needs for establishment and realization of procedure for recognition of prior learning.

Recognition of prior learning refers to procedure that enables obtaining qualifications to interested persons who acquired certain knowledge and competencies out of education system, through life or work experience. The procedure results in issuing publicly recognized documents on gained qualifications, i.e. certificate.

Building capacities of schools in this field provides improvement of their offer of non-formal adult education, quality in that process and strengthening the role of schools and education in adequate response to different and changing needs of world of work.