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Within DECIDE project, during September and October, there were realized workshops on career guidance and counselling named “My career – my decision” for students of VET schools that participate in the project and students of final grades of elementary schools in surroundings.  Focus of workshops was on topics of career information and peer networking and learning in that process.

What does career mean today, and what did it look like before? Does each of us have career? In which ways we inform on different occupations? Who or what helps us to get information about world of work? What are we being guided by when making decisions about future school or profession?

These are some of the questions about which students discussed on realized workshops. Different activities enabled students to realize significance of peers as a source of information about school and occupations, but also of support in making decisions on further career. Accordingly, students had also opportunity to independently design and realize activity that would be useful to them and their peers for informing on schooling and world of work.

Students shared their impressions about significance of these activities.

„We received various advices for future and schooling. I am glad that I participated. Big impression for me are also spending time with each other and new acquaintances”. – Miljana, Vlasotince Technical School

„I liked that we have met new people, that we spent time together, and that we had different day in school. I also liked that we in some better way found out what is important for making decisions on future.” – Nina, Vlasotince Technical School

„Workshops for me were nice experience and socializing. Trainers were excellent, we found out some new things about career.” – Jovan, Kragujevac Secondary Vocational School

Workshop “My career – my decision” for students was implemented in Technical School “Ivan Sarić” in Subotica, Obrenovac Technical School, Kragujevac Secondary Vocational School, Electrotechnical School “Nikola Tesla” in Niš, Vlasotince Technical School and Zaječar Economic and Trade School. In workshops participated in total around 90 students from listed VET schools and around 90 students of final grades from 19 elementary schools.