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In Hotel M in Belgrade, from 14th to 16th of September, a training was held for team members who will be responsible in their schools for creating and implementing training for unemployed persons within the framework of non-formal education of adults. The three-day program was focused on strategy development, but also on concrete guidelines for the implementation of these trainings, which, in accordance with the needs of the local labour market, schools will soon be able to offer.

This training is part of a cycle of training in the field of management, leadership and the creation of non-formal training in accordance with the needs of the labour market, conducted by international experts of Integration Consulting Group with many years of experience in education and employment promotion, as well as rich experience in school organization and management. The goal of these trainings is to empower principals, their associates and team members of schools participating in the DECIDE project, to respond optimally to their tasks in accordance with the new vision of the school as a regional competence center. In addition to the professional support of the consultants, the schools also receive an incentive to think market-wise and to develop the so-called business model in defining a diverse and flexible educational offer that can quickly respond to the needs of the economy.