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Technical School “Ivan Sarić” in Subotica, with the support of local branch of National Employment Service and Regional Development Agency PanonReg, on 17th of October organized manifestation “Info Day”, from 9.00 to 12.30 hours in ceremonial hall of the school. The event is realized within the programme of celebrating Day of School.

Manifestation aimed at informing former students and students of final grades of Technical School “Ivan Sarić”, but also students from other vocational secondary schools and unemployed young people in Subotica about activities and services of career guidance and counselling that implement the school, branch of National Employment Service and Regional Development Agency PanonReg. Besides, participants had opportunity to have a closer look at employment possibilities, as well as at practice in the field of entrepreneurship and self-employment. Along with presentations and promotional activities, there was held panel discussion with entrepreneurs who shared their experiences and presented business ideas, the ways in which they started their careers, challenges they cope with and what are plans for future development. Final part of the activities was quiz for participants, while overall event was followed by music performance of students’ bend of Technical School “Ivan Sarić”.

Info Day is realized as part of activities of career guidance and counselling that Technical School “Ivan Sarić” implements within the German development project “Dialogue on Employment Creation, Initiative and Dual Education”. Measures of this project that realizes GIZ in partnership with Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia are directed, among other things, to strengthening competencies of members of school team for career guidance and counselling. The goal of these measures is to improve activities of career guidance and counselling at the school level, and also through cooperation with relevant actors in the local community, so that young people in Subotica get support in making informed decisions on their education and future career.