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In the Science and Technology Park in Belgrade from 22-26 August, a training session was held in the field of electro-pneumatics for teachers of schools participating in the DECIDE project. The training provider is FESTO, and the lecturers are professors of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. Previously, teachers received training in the field of pneumatics, and by the end of the calendar year, PLC (programmable logic controllers) and training for the use of a robotic arm in didactic purposes are planned.

These trainings are part of the project activities aimed at improving the competence of vocational subject teachers in the profiles of mechatronics technician, industrial mechanic, computer electro-technician, electro-technician for process control and robotics technician. The goal is for the teachers to improve theoretical and practical teaching, to independently present teaching materials and create practical tasks, as well as to adequately and efficiently use the equipment that the school has for training of students and young people.