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Dialogue on Employment Creation, Initiative and Dual Education

What do we do?

Through the activities of the DECIDE project, we strive to contribute to the improvement of the offer of education, training and labor market measures in selected municipalities in accordance with the needs of young people and also needs of companies for adequately trained workers. This should increase the employability of students in the formal education system, but also of unemployed youth.

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Realized Internal Job Fair in Kragujevac

Secondary Vocational School in Kragujevac realized Internal Job Fair on 25th of May 2023 in its premises, in gallery and teachers office. School organized this event for the second time in the row. The Fair was opened by introductory speech of Gorica Bačanin, Director of branch of National Employment Service in Kragujevac, Goran Joksimović, Head of the School Board Kragujevac…

Realized “Career Day” in Vlasotince 2023

For the second year in the row Vlasotince Technical School realized "Career Day" on 19th of May 2023 in Sports and Recreation Centre "Vlasina". The event was organized with a goal to promote opportunities for education and employment among students of surrounding elementary schools, VET students and adults. Future VET students had an opportunity to find out more about educational…

Celebrated Girls’ Day 2023

On 27th of April this year. the Girls' Day was celebrated. This international event reminds us to make career decisions based on personal skills and interests, instead of traditional division into "female" and "male" occupations. The project "Dialogue on Employment Creation, Initiative and Dual Education" continued to support selected secondary vocational schools to organize real encountersof female students with successful…

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